Clinical trial company Lindus Health and US-based Thirty Madison have completed enrolment for a trial to assess the effectiveness of Facet, Thirty Madison’s personalised dermatology telemedicine platform.

A novel telehealth platform, Facet offers treatments to patients who have skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. It offers asynchronous evidence-based consultations, patient-reported monitoring and provider messaging. A key part of the platform is the use of before and after photos and patient reports to monitor patient progress.

The Facet platform trial is being remotely run, with Lindus Health responsible for delivering the study, including data capture and management through its proprietary EDC, statistical analysis and project management.

In June this year, Lindus Health secured a grant from Innovate UK Smart Grant and funding from investors to help speed up clinical research trials using its technology platform and machine learning.

Meri Beckwith, co-founder of Lindus Health, said: “The Facet platform has the potential to expand treatment access to more eczema patients than ever before. It’s an example of the ground-breaking progress that healthtech companies can make to patient care in the coming years.

“We’re excited that our innovative clinical trial delivery service can help innovative companies like Thirty Madison bring the latest medical advancements to patients more quickly than the old-fashioned industry standard.”

The completion of the trial’s enrolment comes soon after a US study from the National Eczema Association revealed that almost 60% of patients are interested in participating in a clinical trial for the condition. However, fewer than 10% of patients have done so.

Neil Parikh, chief medical officer of Thirty Madison, said: “We are excited to continue to leverage Thirty Madison’s asynchronous telehealth platform to accelerate access to the care continuum – from specialists who support a patient’s clinical journey to a patient’s ability to participate in research studies that advance the treatment landscape.”