electronRx has announced it will be unveiling brand new patient health monitoring technology for smartphones at January’s CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

The foneDx technology can be used with a user’s mobile phone and is a scalable monitoring solution for pulmonary and cardiovascular health. It uses existing sensors in smartphones along with a bespoke user interface app.

The company claims it to be the world’s first combined digital monitoring solution, and can be used by patients, healthcare providers and commercial organisations. The digital monitoring solution can be used to measure a user’s critical heart and lung health at home. By doing so, electronRx hopes to empower patients and healthcare professionals to more effectively manage chronic diseases and improve clinical outcomes.

Bipin Patel, CEO of electronRx, said: “Our mission is to deliver a democratised and scalable smartphone technology that will use critical digital monitoring in pulmonary and cardiovascular to monitor patient health…

“I believe we have created something incredible that could turn millions of smartphones worldwide into efficient, effective and life-saving health monitors that will improve millions of people’s lives through better condition management leading to better, life-saving clinical outcomes. This will change how we think of areas of healthcare, forever.”

The data will be captured in real-time, proving invaluable for healthcare providers. electronRx will be launching the technology at CES 2024 with attendees able to experience foneDx and its capabilities for themselves.