Health tech company Alcidion has launched Miya Results Tracking in a bid to reduce the risk of test results not being followed up and thus improve patient safety.

The new digital solution has been built to help healthcare professionals in hospital settings to more easily visualise, prioritise and acknowledge high volumes of test results generated for patients every day, and to take appropriate action in a timely manner.

It works by bringing together and presenting patient results requested in hospital settings through a single screen. Clinical teams can access information from any location.

They can filter results to departmental views and can configure the system to look at relevant results, identify high-priority results that need to be actioned, or to see at-a-glance any outstanding results that need to be filed.

Results can also be filtered at an individual level – both for the clinician requesting tests, and at the patient level. This means clinicians can more easily ensure they have acknowledged and acted on results they have requested, and that decisions can be made for patients in context of a complete set of results.

Staff can create onward plans for patients from the same screen, ordering repeat or follow up examinations when needed, and requesting future review appointments.

Dr Paul Deffley, UK chief medical officer at Alcidion, said: “A billion laboratory tests alone are carried out in England and Wales each year at a cost of £2.2bn, many of them in hospital settings – where countless other scans and investigations are also carried out.

“Disparate ways that such high volumes of results are presented to busy clinicians within healthcare systems, can often create room for error that digital technologies haven’t adequately responded to until now.

“We aim to change that through Miya Results Tracking, which provides healthcare teams with a purpose-built mechanism to manage results more safely, at-scale, from a single screen.

“This is an important new capability for hospitals in reducing risks and in tackling what has become a critical patient safety issue around the world. It will equip clinical departments and individual clinicians with a digital safety net to help them quickly recognise and appropriately act on diagnostic information.”

Built using the Miya Precision platform, Miya Results Tracking uses the FHIR interoperability standard to integrate with other hospital systems – allowing it to bring data into a single location for clinicians.

It tracks a complete range of hospital results including pre-admission results, and those from inpatient and emergency department encounters. Results received after the patient leaves the hospital are also tracked, which is expected to address a complex challenge currently encountered in managing results after a patient has been discharged.

Back in December, Alcidion signed a contract with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, extending the contract for its Miya Precision EPR for a further eight years.