Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has announced the launch of a diagnostic booking solution, developed in partnership with Netcall, with the aim of improving patient access and engagement.

The app, which was rolled out in April 2024, leverages Netcall’s low-code technology to streamline diagnostic booking by taking data directly from the radiology information systems to automatically offer appointment slots appropriate for patients.

This means that most patients can self-serve without having to call the booking centre, reducing call waiting times for other patients and the admin burden for staff.

In a press release published on 15 May 2024, Steve Cheung, head of radiology at Rotherham said: “Working alongside Netcall, the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has introduced a user-friendly X-ray appointment booking portal which allows patients to take control on when they would like to attend their X-ray appointment, booking their appointment online via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

“This provides patients with the flexibility to make the appointment at a time convenient to themselves, as well as being able to request a call back from the radiology booking team at the click of a button from the booking portal.”

James Rawlinson, director of health informatics at Rotherham, said: We are excited to launch this innovative diagnostic booking solution, with the aim to transform and modernise our diagnostic operations.

“The launch of this new application builds on our existing partnership with Netcall, where we’ve seen sizeable efficiency gains with outpatient digital appointment booking with Patient Hub. To continue this journey into the area of diagnostics makes complete sense.”

John Clarke, head of client solutions – health at Netcall, added: “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust with this innovative project.

“This diagnostic booking solution demonstrates our commitment to empowering trusts with innovative technology to drive operational efficiency and improve that patient relationship from the get-go.”

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust announced in February 2024 that it has integrated the national GP Connect with its existing technology systems, allowing authorised health and social care workers to access the trust’s patients’ GP records.

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust recently announced plans to roll out Netcall’s patient engagement portal Patient Hub in autumn 2024 with the aim of to giving patients greater autonomy over their healthcare journeys.