En-Vision America Inc.’s ScripTalk talking prescription system has been named one of the year’s top 100 greatest achievements in science and technology by the US Popular Science magazine.

The ScripTalk system has been developed to enhance the medication safety of the millions of Americans who have difficulty reading or understanding the instructions and warnings that appear on their prescription labels.

The system includes a special label containing an embedded microchip. This "smart label" is printed and programmed by the pharmacy’s computer system and contains all the prescription label information.

At home, the patient uses a handheld ScripTalk Reader that speaks the pertinent prescription information such as: patient’s name, drug name and strength, directions for use, along with special warnings.

"The focus of the judging for this award was to honour products and technologies that make a positive difference in people’s lives. ScripTalk has been hailed by many in the pharmaceutical industry as a product that will have a tremendous impact on the lives of millions," said David Raistrick, Vice President of En-Vision America.

The ScripTalk system is the first in a new generation of live-saving prescription compliance devices based upon smart label technology. Approved for use by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the ScripTalk system is currently being installed in VA hospitals across the US.