The first approved e-health and telemedicine demonstration sites have been set up in the UK by the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL), an EC funded body.

Motion Media, a founding member of the UK Telemedicine Association, and Nestor Healthcare Group plc have been chosen by EHTEL to provide the demonstration centres for eHealth and telemedicine developments at their headquarters in Aust, near Bristol, and Hatfield respectively.

The two e-health demonstration sites are intended to enable healthcare professionals to preview the latest solutions on the market.

In addition to the two UK sites two demonstration centres in continental Europe will also be established.

Dr Ricky Richardson, Chairman of the European Health Telematics Association’s Thematic Working Group on eHealth and Telemedicine said: ”Our mandate is to implement a plan for a pan-European e-health delivery system.

“We invited members of T2 eHealth to put in bids for the demonstration sites and Motion Media and Nestor were successful,“ added Dr Richardson.

Motion Media is a leading provider of videocommunications equipment to the healthcare sector and the company has provided telehealth solutions for The Priory Ticehurst Hospital, Birmingham Womens’ Hospital and Witney Community Hospital.

The company’s video telephony solutions also incorporate a data sharing capability which enables the bringing together of video, voice and data that is critical in remote healthcare applications.

Nestor Healthcare Group is a leading provider of health and care personnel services. The company is developing and marketing a new telemedicine business called Healthwatch that combines clinical vital sign telemedicine and social monitoring with video telecare services to provide a complete solution to organisations and individuals requiring high quality healthcare provision.