MyDocOnline a US e-health subsidiary of Pharma firm Aventis; is to incorporate an evidence-based care management application EBMpact, into its suite of tools for online communication between patients and their physicians.

EBMpact’s guidelines are designed to minimise costly medical practice variation and increase patient compliance, to reduce unnecessary costs and maximise patient health outcomes.

The EBMpact system is claimed to supports all areas of care management including case management, disease management and clinical process improvement. The system contains guidelines, data collection functionality, self-care diaries and interactive tools.

"Our care management application gives physicians access to current, reliable evidence-based guidelines and interactive tools to promote patient adherence to the guidelines," said Paul H. Keckley, president and CEO of EBM Solutions.

Registered users of MyDocOnline will be able to access EBMpact’s 104 evidence-based guidelines for major chronic, episodic and lifestyle diagnoses, self-care diaries and health management tools including a diabetes tracker, blood pressure monitor, peak flow meter and nutrition calculator.

"The addition of EBMpact demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enable physicians to improve clinical efficiency and enhance the physician-patient relationship," said Kirk Schueler, chief executive of MyDocOnline.

The evidence-based guidelines contained in EBMpact are updated annually and based on the most current scientific evidence and are written in both a clinical and easy to understand consumer version.

Acquired by Aventis Pharmaceuticals in October of 2000, MyDocOnline is an Internet-based communication tool, designed to enable physician practices to improve overall efficiency and enhance patient-physician interaction.