Lockheed Martin has won a CAN$17m (£6.8m) contract to build an advanced healthcare information system for the Canadian Forces.

The Canadian Forces Health Information System (CFHIS) will ensure that health information about the forces’ personnel is collected accurately and securely and made available to authorised users wherever the service men and women are in Canada or around the world.

It will integrate a series of standalone systems currently used and will be specifically designed to protect individual privacy and confidentiality through the use of encryption software in addition to standard Canadian Ministry of Defense security measures.

Dan Spoor, president and CEO of Lockheed Martin Canada, said, “This system will provide healthcare providers with electronic health information and decision support tools in Canada and around the world. Administrators will also be afforded access to non-patient specific information that will enable them to make informed decisions that will translate into improved delivery of care."

The current contract covers the first phase of the work lasting 14 months. The full project, due to run in four phases over 10 years, could be worth in excess of CAN$56m (£22.5m).

Lockheed Martin’s team consists of: consulting services firm, DINMAR Consulting; clinical notes and electronic records specialists, Purkinje; laboratory, radiology and pharmacy systems supplier, SCC Soft Computer Consultants Inc; and ADSTRA Systems, vendors of the Practice Made Perfect bilingual dental practice management software.