Primary care solutions supplier, EMIS, has announced the launch of a new alerts management system that notifies GPs of actions needed for individual patients, such as blood pressure checks.

The company says that EMIS Alerts Manager has been developed to help with everyday practice management and to help GPs meet the requirements of their new contract more easily.

The new GMS contract, which came into force on 1 April 2004, puts the emphasis on relating practice income directly to the quality of patient care. The practice’s clinical information system plays a key part in ensuring that practices meet all of their required targets.

The Alerts Manager – part of EMIS – continuing development of its Population Manager solution – proactively notifies GPs of any actions that need to be taken to maximise points for that patient. Alerts can appear when a patient books an appointment, when viewing the patient’s medical record or at the start of a consultation, depending on each practice’s individual preference.

EMIS’ medical director, Dr David Stables, said: “The new GMS Quality Indicator (QI) rules complex and pose a challenge for practices wishing to optimise both patient care and QI points achieved.  By automating an otherwise cumbersome process, the new Alerts Manager will make it easier for practices to achieve the necessary outcomes and free the clinician to focus on clinical care.”