Medical students and junior doctors in Wales are to receive their own smartcards containing their employment and training details.

Each card will contain occupational health and HR information and will be electronically read and updated at each workplace that the student visits. It is hoped that the new scheme will save time on administration and filling out paper questionnaires.

Jane Hutt, health minister at the Welsh Assembly, said: "The introduction of occupational health smartcards in Wales will help save time for both students on training placements and administrative staff who arrange these places.

“I hope these cards will strengthen and streamline the pre-appointments and pre-employment checks and save both time and effort for students and the NHS trusts."

The project, announced by the minister at the University of Wales College of Medicine at the University of Cardiff, is funded by the Welsh Assembly, and mirrors a similar scheme in England being piloted in Leeds, Birmingham and Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trusts.

The cards will be issued sometime next year, with the intention of eventually making them available for all medical staff in Wales, including those who work in primary care.