Stack of booksSally Hernando
Assistant Director of Quality (Knowledge Resources and e-Learning Strategies) , Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Workforce Development Confederation

Many clinicians are unaware of the National Programme for IT and what it aims to deliver. Some see it as a large administration system, which could make patient information more easily accessible and more efficiently organised, but with secondary relevance to front line clinical care.

The NCRS will, however, deliver real benefits for clinicians and patients when electronic information systems are integrated with clinical expertise through knowledge management concepts. Electronic integrated care pathways can make this happen.

The United Bristol Healthcare Trust and Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Strategic Health Authority are working together on a six month project for increasing knowledge of the NCRS among medical students. We aim to embed National Care Record Service Integrated Care Pathways and Care Planning Modules, as well as associated evidence based practice concepts, into the Foundation Years curriculum for junior doctors. This will cover their first two years of clinical practice before specialisation.

The project approach is that NCRS training and learning needs to be embedded in clinical practice, driven by the curricula, and focused on trainees and their experiences.

E-learning for CfH

As part of the Connecting for Health Do Once and Share programme, we are developing an e-learning package which addresses the evidence-based practice and clinical guidelines element of the Foundation curriculum, and establishes the links with NPfIT deliverables.

The product will be agreed by national stakeholders, in particular the Modernising Medical Careers programme and postgraduate deaneries, and will be transferable across the UK. It will be adaptable to cover the generic or speciality specific, or for extension to other clinical groups or multi-professional settings.

We want to give you an opportunity to provide feedback – by registering with our Extended Reference Group. Your comments on our pilot materials are crucial to their development. Your participation is entirely electronic – to register, please go to:

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