Predictive modelling specialist, DxCG, has announced it is hosting a two-day conference, Navigating Risk Adjustment with DxCG.

The event will take place at the Berlin Marriot, Germany on 6 and 7 May and aims to provide attendees a practical insight into the workings of DxCG science.

Attendees will also be taught proper utilisation of risk adjustment programs to control their escalating healthcare costs.

Mike Coyne, chief operating officer of DxCG’s parent company Urix, said: “We are confident that this symposium will provide our German attendees a much stronger understanding of our models and methodologies,” said Mike Coyne, chief operating officer at Urix, Inc.

“They will learn valuable information from our research leaders about the utilisation and impact of predictive modelling applications in the United States and its parallels to the German market,” he added.

Also at the conference, participants will discover how government, private insurers and consultants utilise the power of predictive modelling.

They will learn to transform their data into meaningful and dependable predictions, and expand their knowledge of DxCG methodologies and risk adjustment through one-on-one discussions.

DxCG predictive models are built from two basic classification systems – Diagnostic Cost Groups (DCG) for diagnoses and RxGroups for pharmacy data.

DxCG models work by classifying administrative data into coherent clinical groupings and applying hierarchies and interactions – as described in peer-reviewed literature – to create an aggregated, empirically valid measure of expected resource use.

The measure, called a "relative risk score," is calculated at the individual patient level and quantifies the financial implications of the patient’s "illness burden" or morbidity.

Attendees will also learn more about the DxCG Global Partner Program that launched last year to provide its global partners with the knowledge and expertise to help organisations improve their current healthcare delivery model.

The Global Partner Program aims to help promote fair and efficient healthcare for DxCG clients outside of the United States. Current DxCG partners will speak about their recent projects and their utilisation of DxCG models in Germany at the conference.

To register for the symposium, e-mail or visit the DxCG website.