Theatre systems specialist, Picis, has launched a real-time dashboard to provide hospital perioperative departments with real time clinical analytics.

Originally developed for the US market and now launched in Europe, the new clinical analytics software forms part of the Picis CareSuite family of products.

The business intelligence system is designed for use in the perioperative areas of hospitals, including preoperative assessment units, operating theatres and anaesthesia and post-anaesthesia care.

The software is designed to provide an easy-to-read snapshot of the current state of the surgical department, measuring case delays, cancellations, patient throughput, documentation completeness and other key indicators.

Picis say the software provides managers and clinicians with customisable, real-time actionable business and clinical intelligence, to manage surgical waiting lists and increase efficiency.

The dashboard equips administrators and clinicians with intelligent, actionable and timely information to anticipate and manage the day-to-day activities of the operating theatre. Data is displayed in an easy-to-read web page display with gauges, bar graphs, and other visual indicators highlights key issues.

The customisable dashboard can be displayed on users’ PCs, flat screens around the theatre and other displays, improving communication by providing the entire perioperative department with real-time performance, quality and efficiency data.

Included in the European release of Picis Perioperative Dashboard is a library of 17 indicators that were developed with input from a panel of nursing directors, anaesthesiologists, theatre managers, surgeons and IT professionals. The software also includes five fully customisable indicators.

"Hospitals in Europe are becoming more concerned with deriving maximum efficiency from their theatre facilities, especially in light of the pressure that is now being put on resources. Managing the moving parts of the perioperative department is like air-traffic control keeping surgeons, nurses, anaesthesiologists and administrators up-to-date with theatre status is a real challenge and Picis Perioperative Dashboard addresses these issues," said Marianne Slight, senior director, Analytics and Decision Support Products, Picis.

Picis Perioperative Dashboard is available for hospitals using the Picis Total Perioperative Automation solution, Theatre Manager, SmarTrack, Preop Manager, Anesthesia Manager and PACU Manager.