Spanish software developer Bahía Software has been awarded a contract to develop and consolidate a plan for scanning medical images at hospital centres within the Cantabrian Health Service.

The firm says the implementation of the project over the next 16-months will allow all the results of medical tests, such as x-rays for example, to be stored in digital format in hospitals and health centres all over the region of Cantabria. The value of the initial contract awarded is €116,450

The project will be delivered in two phases. Phase one will see Bahía Software consult with each of the hospital centres to capture requirements. In phase two, the company will proceed with the hardware and software set-up to be able to roll out the implementation accompanied by a system help-desk. The company will also provide necessary training, maintenance and updates.

In addition, Bahía will also begin to work on the development of a Corporate Picture Archiving and Communications System as a backup for the region’s health-data processing centre.

Gustavo Gómez, commercial manager at Bahía Software, said in a statement: “The development of this project will enable considerable savings in material costs, such as films, developing fluids, etc.”

He added: “This system ushers in greater accessibility through being able to consult all of the medical tests from anywhere on the hospital network, thus boosting the use of telemedicine, professional networking and improving attention for patients.”

Bahía Software, is currently in the midst of a similar three-year project for the Spanish Region of Galicia. The three-year project, which began in February 2008, is being delivered under a contract worth €440,000 awarded by the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) for the implementation, help-desk, training and maintenance of the medical imaging system installed at the hospital centres.

Bahía Software is a company founded in 1999. The firm’s clients include the Galician Health Service (Servizo Galego de Saúde), for which it has carried out projects in the areas of consultancy, development, maintenance and help-desk support for hospital applications, Siemens Medical Solutions Spain, AGFA Healthcare.