IBA Health Group, iSoft’s parent company, has announced that it has expanded its global presence to the Italian market.

iSoft has won a €600,000 contract to install its hospital information system in four hospitals operated by Consorzio Regionale Servizi Sociali (CRESS) a private healthcare group based in Italy’s Liguria region.

The hospitals include two 60-bed sites in Savona, an 88-bed hospital in Andora, and a 40 bed hospital in Cegio. The project is funded by Liguria’s regional government.

The hospital information system x-HIS will include functions such as admissions, nursing stations and physiotherapy.

In the second phase of implementation, which will begin next year, iSoft will add further modules such as clinical notes, clinical requests and electronic medical histories, in a deal worth a further €400,000.

iSoft is in talks with the regional government to roll-out the solution to all 50 CRESS hospitals and health centres upon the successful completion of the current project.

Andrea Fiumicelli, IBA’s chief operating officer, told E-health Europe: “We are creating a large footprint geographically, one that is unique in comparison to any other IT healthcare player. In each area we have very specific solutions, for specific healthcare economies to meet their specific demands.”

In a further announcement, IBA said that it will change its name to iSoft on 8 May 2009. The company said the decision will align the company’s name with its major brand name and embrace a common identity among shareholders, customers and employees.

Gary Cohen, IBA’s executive chairman and chief executive said: "The time is right for the company’s name to reflect this powerful brand and leverage our footprint across 38 countries. We have already implemented the iSoft name among all our strategic products.”

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