Carestream Health has launched a new web-based cardiology Picture Archiving and Communications System.

The new cardiology imaging system offers a single integrated platform for diagnosis, image review and reporting for echocardiography, cardiac catheterisation and nuclear cardiology procedures as well as electrocardiogram management.

Groene Hart Ziekenhuis in Gouda, the Netherlands, has been named as the launch customer for the web-based system which will be available by the end of September.

Carestream Health’s new cardiology PACS is claimed to offer the opportunity to consolidate isolated cardiac lab systems into a centralised solution to achieve both greater efficiency and lower costs.

The web-based system also enables productive reading of cardiology data from any on-site or off-site networked PC. Clinicians benefit from convenient and productive review of multiple cardiac studies and results—along with easy access to prior exams.

Carestream Health says the new system integrates seamlessly with the company’s radiology PACS, allowing healthcare providers to use the same workstation for diagnostic reading and clinical review of cardiology and radiology studies.

If the cardiology PACS is integrated with the company’s radiology PACS, clinicians on any PC or workstation gain access to native 3D functionality for cardiac analysis, coronary analysis, calcium scoring and other specialised cardiac applications.

“Most cardiology services providers are hampered by the need for physicians to log onto multiple systems to review patient images and data. And accessing prior exams from DVD or tape libraries is time-consuming and inefficient. These factors can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment,” said Diana Nole, president, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream Health.

Nole added: ”Our new cardiology PACS provides rapid access to images, data and reports for clinicians at any location, thus helping improve the workflow and enhancing the decision-making process.”

The new cardiology PACS offers structured reporting templates for all cardiovascular applications (cath, echo, vascular and nuclear) with point-and-click access to pre-defined statements along with digital signatures. Formatting is user-customisable and reports can be distributed using HL7, email, automatic print or fax transmissions.

The system also offers comprehensive measurement tools for echocardiography applications, including the ability to import measurements taken at the modality. The platform also delivers specialised echocardiography features, including automatic quad screen display for stress echo exams, automatic DICOM calibration and the ability to view imported exams and documents from third-party systems.

An ECG management solution is included that provides a time-saving worklist and the ability to integrate to multi-vendor ECG carts.

In addition, catheterisation reporting tools such as coronary tree annotations for stenosis, stent and graft locations to eliminate dictation and provide a single tool for reporting of echo, cardiac cath and nuclear cardiology.

Carestream says the cardiology PACS also offers a flexible information management platform that can manage DICOM and non-DICOM information captured by cardiology, radiology and a variety of other patient imaging and information systems.