Coverage from World of Health IT 2010, Barcelona

ISoft has formed a partnership with Switzerland-based telehealth device company Medic4all. The two companies are showcasing integrated telehealth products at the World of Health IT conference in Barcelona.

These include a monitoring operations centre that manages patient data and a home care platform that allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor, diagnose and care for patients.

According to iSoft, one of key differentiators between its "end to end" solution and what other companies are offering is the look and appeal of each of the devices.

It says these are more discrete than existing telehealth products and that they allow patients to take and transmit health data at places and times convenient to them.

For example, WristClinic provides an all in one wireless monitoring device that can be worn like a watch to monitor several vital signs including heart rate and oxygen levels.

Greg King, group managing director for consumer health and media at iSoft, told E-Health Insider: “These are devices that enable privacy and prevent patients from having to live with the stigma of having a disease.

“This is not about keeping big, chunky devices hidden in the bottom drawer. These [devices] can go in a briefcase or an overnight bag, so it’s about helping assist with the behavioural change of telehealth.”

Medic4all says the devices, which use RFI, USB, Bluetooth and phone connectivity to transfer information, are already being used by regional governments in Spain and Italy and by larger insurance companies such as AXA.

Dr Shai Misan, chief executive officer of Medic4all, said: “The leadership of iSoft in the public health market will allow Medic4all to enlarge its capacity to offer health monitoring services at home, in the office, and while outdoors by integrating its services and platforms with the professional health community internationally.”

The devices also transmit information to a bi-directional, web based health record that gives both the patient and the professional treating them access to their information.

ISoft said that devices will integrate with electronic patient record Lorenzo in the future. King added: “The products can be run as a stand-alone solution or as part of a continuity. As Lorenzo becomes more available, it can be built in over the top to absorb the data.”