The Nij Smellinghe Hospital in The Netherlands has signed a new multi-year contract with Carestream Health for radiology information and picture archiving and communication eHealth Managed Services.

The new contract will deliver an enterprise-wide system that will allow for fast, secure image access by onsite and remote clinicians.

Wim Loman, IT manager at Nij Smellinghe Hospital, said: "Our relationship with Carestream over the years has been very positive but when our previous contract ended we felt it was sensible to investigate what services the market was offering.

“After a thorough evaluation process, Carestream still offered the best solution, which now includes advanced reading tools such as native 3D, vessel tracking, cardiac and virtual colonoscopy.

"The new contract will allow us to concentrate on patient care while Carestream manages the PACS infrastructure on our behalf. Ultimately the cloud-based, fee-for-use service lowers our investment in equipment, technology and personnel resources."

According to Carestream, the cloud allows patient information to be shared with authorised clinicians over an Internet connection without the needs to build, maintain and upgrade a complex infrastructure.

The company’s eHealth Managed Services platform is based on a vendor neutral infrastructure that is powered by to allow the sharing of information among disparate systems.

Pierre-Yves Nectoux, eHealth managed services business development manager at Carestream Health, said: "Our new eHealth RIS/PACS Services deliver all the functionality of PACS, including image management, viewing, distribution and storage.

“Most healthcare providers can achieve lower overall costs by purchasing this and simultaneously benefit from our leading edge management and security technologies."

Link: Carestream Health