COCIR, the European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry, has announced that Oracle has become its latest member.

Oracle offers healthcare IT solutions to a wide range of healthcare stakeholders, including payers, providers, governments and research facilities.

COCIR, a not for profit organisation based in Brussels, said that Oracle’s objectives are very much in line with its own – working to support best practice, decrease costs, ensure quality of care and reduce patient safety concerns.

COCIR secretary general, Nicole Denjoy, added: “Oracle will share with COCIR important insights on IT solutions for the healthcare sector that will contribute to further strengthen COCIR’s position as the leading industry voice in e-health.

"At the same time, Oracle will benefit from COCIR’s professional network as well as its expertise of and data on the healthcare IT business in Europe.”

As well as communicating with EU policymakers on economic, regulatory and technical issues related to healthcare, COCIR works with various organisations to promote standards and regulatory control across the world.

Members include including Agfa, Bosch, iSoft, Philips and Siemens and, more recently, Alert and Microsoft.

Munir Ismet, Oracle EMEA vice president for government, education and health, said: “Oracle is delighted to join COCIR to further share its experience and understanding of the healthcare IT market.

"It is our firm belief that professional communities such as COCIR can bring people together and facilitate business discussions through dialogue in an open forum.”

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