TPP has announced a BlackBerry application and an Android app to allow clinicians using SystmOne to access their patient records anywhere at any time.

Pocket SystmOne is an application for BlackBerry smarthphones developed by Inchware. It allows users of any SystmOne module to securely download SystmOne patient records to a BlackBerry.

Clinicians can access many parts of the patient record, including previous consultation information, medication and pathology results.

Online-offline access allows data entry into the record when a mobile network is unavailable.

TPP clinical director Dr John Parry said all clinicians need access to their electronic records whenever they are treating patients. This was particularly important for home visits, which tend to be for the sickest patients, he added.

TPP’s solution to date has been a mobile system using 3G and an N3 connection, but this was not helpful in areas without a 3G signal.

“What we haven’t had until now is a connect/disconnect model, so we can be out and get a record,” Dr Parry told EHI Primary Care.

At its recent user group conference, TPP showed users a web service development which will allow TPP and external companies to develop mobile apps for SystmOne via TPP’s secure server.

Users were also shown a new android app that is going through the final stages of developments and testing before being released.

“This is a step change in the delivery of SystmOne, because we also see it as a potential way of opening up the user interface development to other companies,” said Dr Parry.

“We can enable the NHS to become device independent as much as possible, because it’s recognised that there are parts of the country where you don’t want to take expensive lap tops around."

Dr Parry described the app development as “exciting news” and said there was a lot of interest from users.

Inchware are running a pilot of Pocket SystmOne in a primary care trust area for six weeks.

Following this, SystmOne users will be able to contact Inchware directly to install the software required to run the application.

Inchware will also be providing local PCT helpdesks, which have a direct link to TPP, with all the relevant information to provide direct support for the product.