The British Medical Association called for Andrew Lansley to resign at its Annual Representative Meeting in Bournemouth this morning.

Reports say the no-confidence vote in the health secretary passed by 158 votes to 124.

Pulse reported that the chair, Dr Hamish Meldrum, called for attendees to reject the motion, saying it would make it more difficult to negotiate with the government in the future.

However, a Hackney GP responded that: "Lansley does not listen anyway so the point is irrelevant."

Dr Gary Marlowe further argued that Lansley’s NHS and pension reforms mean he should not continue in the role of health secretary.

The conference also backed motions calling for further industrial action on pensions, saying further action should include withdrawal from clinical commissioning.

A tweet from the conference says the vote was mainly based on arguments regarding the “disastrous” Health and Social Care Act.

Other tweets included; “bout time he went”, “woo hoo” and “Docs don’t trust this man and call on him to resign!”

The ARM is also due to hear calls for the ‘outsourcing’ of commissioning support services to be halted.

The BMA is concerned that many commissioning support services will move into the private sector when they become ‘stand alone’ services in 2015-16.