The first phase of training for the new Calculating Quality Reporting Service began today.

CQRS, along with the General Practice Extraction Service, will replace the Quality Management and Analysis System for calculating achievement and payments for quality outcome-related services for GP practices from 2013-14. This includes the Quality and Outcomes Framework.

The first of two phases of CQRS training will introduce users to the new service. It is aimed at GP practices, clinical commissioning groups and NHS Commissioning Board local area teams, who will sign off QOF achievement.

Starting today, it will run for three weeks and be delivered via interactive webinars.

A second phase will be delivered from the end of April and will “ensure users are fully equipped in how to use the service,” a Department of Health press release says.

For the QOF, CQRS will use data collected from GP IT systems by GPES.

Training for GPES will be made available online and GP practice teams can register for GPES news and training updates. GP system suppliers will also be providing a range of support on how to use GPES.

CQRS will also be able to calculate achievement by CCGs against outcome indicators and quality rewards if required.

"QMAS has worked very well for what it was built to do," said chair of the CQRS project assurance group GP Phil Koczan.

"With the contract for QMAS expiring, a replacement service was needed and we were keen to take the opportunity to ensure it was better able to support the organisational and commissioning changes underway in the NHS."