An Insight Dashboard being developed by NHS England to display patient experience data will be made available to the public.

A report being presented at NHS England’s board meeting today by national director for patients and information Tim Kelsey, says the dashboard is due to be officially launched this November.

It will have a daily feed of data on patient satisfaction, recommendations, complaints and general impressions of the NHS, as well as weekly survey data on which NHS services have been used.

Also, a view of staff satisfaction data and their views on the NHS.

The development of the dashboard as an iPad application came to light in February this year, but papers at the time indicated it was for use by only NHS England staff.

“The Insight Dashboard will be a publicly available tool to enhance both transparency and participation; it will be a rich source of information to help people understand what their fellow patients and citizens are saying about health services,” today’s report says.

The dashboard will be launched alongside the new integrated customer service platform, which is due to replace NHS Choices in autumn.

“As new, more real time data flows become available, such as patient and public feedback through the integrated customer service platform, these will be incorporated into the dashboard and included in the rotating spotlight areas,” it says.

As well as showing views and experiences of the NHS, the app will focus on a new topic each week.

“As a number of data sets within the dashboard contain much rich data but are annual, it is proposed that on a weekly basis a different area/topic is put in the spotlight,” says the report.

“By providing weekly changes to the main focus dashboard, it is more likely to retain interest from users. “

The tool will be tested by NHS England this spring before it is made publicly available. Kelsey will be giving a live demonstration of the dashboard at Friday’s board meeting.