INPS has migrated more than 600 English GP practices to a new cloud-based delivery service for its Vision GP system.

INPS managing director, Max Brighton, said Aeros improves the responsiveness of Vision and integrates with “virtually anything”, creating a much smoother user experience.

The cloud-based service already supports more than 4.5 million patient records, as INPS has migrated 660 English GP practice datasets to the new platform.

More than 9,000 users access the system on a daily basis and Brighton said feedback indicated significant speed improvements throughout the operation of the system.

Around half of the company’s customers in England – 700 practices – have so far chosen to stick with their local servers, however Brighton expected this number to gradually reduce.

The technology used to power Aeros is also being deployed in Wales where more than 250 GP practices will be using Vision following a national GP system procurement in 2012.

Aeros will also be used to host other INPS services including Vision 360 to support integrated, cross agency care and Vision Online Services, that allows the patient to access and interact with their own electronic health record.

“Aeros takes advantage of new technology to simplify the platform design allowing INPS to deliver a more efficient solution,” said Brighton.

“Significantly fewer servers are required within our data centres providing better value for money to the NHS as well as being kinder to the environment.”