NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group is taking the lead on a new £2.4 million digital mental health service covering all of London.

The service is expected to launch in autumn 2015 and will provide anonymous online support to people so they can self-manage mental issues such as anxiety and low levels of depression.

Support will be available on both desktop and mobile applications and will “include access to resources about a variety of mental health issues and live peer-to-peer forums,” said Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, director of public health for Haringey Council and chair of the digital group charged with delivering the project for London’s Mental Health Priority Board.

Further details will become available after the procurement process and once a contract has been awarded, a Public Health England spokesperson told EHI News, adding that it will "complement existing mental wellbeing services”.

The £2.4 million service is co-funded by all 32 London CCGs, and all commissioning will be handled by Tower Hamlets.

Sir Sam Everington, who chairs the Tower Hamlets CCG, said the service would be monitored 24/7 by trained mental wellbeing professionals.

“Our vision is to improve Londoners’ mental wellbeing by offering an open access digital service which is available all year round,” said Sir Sam.

“As both a preventive and self-managed support system, the service would be available online rather than require a visit, or referral to, a health service provider – something many Londoners would prefer,” he said.

The plan for a London-wide digital health service was announced in August 2014 by the London Health Board, a partnership between local and regional government and health organisations, including London Councils and Public Health England.

A prior information notice issued at the time said a London-wide mental health support system was necessary as current services are “far from a strategic response and there are many gaps in service provision”.

In a statement to announce the service, Tower Hamlets said Londoners have "poor mental wellbeing" compared to other regions across the country, including the highest levels of anxiety.

According to the CCG, over 15% of London adults are likely to have a common mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, phobias, OCD, and panic disorders, yet just 24% are likely to be receiving clinical help for their condition.