Oxehealth has completed a six-month proof of concept study using camera-based health monitoring software at a high security mental health hospital.

The study was in collaboration with Broadmoor Hospital and part funded by Innovate UK.

It used Oxecam to allow non-contact monitoring of patients in a secure setting by analysing data from standard video cameras to measure vital signs and other parameters.   

The six-month study monitored non-patient volunteers’ heart and breathing rates as they carried out typical activities to assess their wellbeing and mood.

The video camera feed works in the dark so patients can sleep undisturbed and information does not need to be transmitted or viewed by staff, enabling patients to rest undisturbed with a lower level of manual supervision.

New trials will seek to develop the technology into a real-time prototype capable of operating day to day in a high security mental health hospital.

Dr Amlan Basu, clinical director at Broadmoor, said the hospital is delighted with the results so far.

“There are some very clear benefits for both our staff and patients which means it is in the interest of all parties to pursue this area of innovation,” he said.

Oxehealth chief executive said the technology can help to increase the wellbeing and safety of those most at risk, reduce fatalities and significantly improve quality of care provided at these facilities.

Oxehealth is  looking for partners to further develop the prototype research project.