Articles involving US software company Epic really seem to get our readers going and have been the most read on Digital Health over the past year. We’ve decided to recap our coverage for anyone who missed it, or who wants to jog their memory.

The EpicCare electronic patient record, which is in widespread use in the US, entered the UK market when it went live at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2014, following a high-profile and closely fought procurement. The implementation has since been revealed to have been problematic.

1. EPR implementation led to “catastrophic loss of confidence”

Only now are some of the details about where the deployment went wrong becoming clear. Our most recent coverage includes comments from the president of the Royal College of Surgeons Clare Marx.

2. Cambridge: big bang reality

Sixteen months on from deployment, Digital Health spoke to Cambridge staff about the implementation of Epic and the impact on the organisation. Most said they understood the trust needed new IT and they can see the benefits of a single patient record, but felt the ‘big bang’ approach was a mistake and the system was implemented before being fully ready for the unique demands of the UK market.

3. Judy Faulkner: Epic interview

In late 2015, Digital Health published an exclusive interview with Epic chief executive Judy Faulkner, who talked about building her successful software business based on her belief in the “right way” of doing things.

4. Judy Faulkner: Cambridge a success

Faulkner also told Digital Health News editor Jon Hoeksma that she believes Cambridge will ultimately be seen as a success and a UK reference site for the benefits of hospital digitisation.

5. Cambridge put in special measures

In September 2015, almost a year on from go-live, Cambridge was put into special measures by Monitor, which said the trust's e-hospital programme had caused "significant cost increases", while benefits had not been realised. Just the month previous, the trust’s chief executive resigned.

6. Papworth says no to Epic

In August last year, Digital Health reported that Papworth Hospital, which was part of a joint procurement with Cambridge, had decided against buying the EPR saying it did not represent value for money.

7. Royal Devon still in discussions with Epic

Our most recent story gives an update on another trust which has consistently said it is committed to implementing the Epic EPR since picking it as preferred supplier in May 2014. Two years on, Royal Devon has yet to sign a contract and is still in commercial discussions with the company.