A London based charity that supports those with learning difficulties is the first organisation to pilot the Infinity app that allows its staff to share vital data about the people they support. 

Kisharon is trialling the Infinity application at one of its 11 residences in London, where it provides adult supported living services.

“It will be used to demonstrate how documenting information digitally and sharing it instantaneously across all team members’ mobile devices can release considerable time for supporting the people they look after”, an Infinity spokesman said.

“It offers a single view of all their activities, movements and requirements.

Necola Reid-Warner, supported living operations manager for Kisharon said they are already beginning to see tangible benefits from the pilot.

“There is a significant reduction in the number of time consuming phone calls and emails between staff and managers asking for clarity and confirmation regarding tasks for the people we support, meaning staff can spend more time on delivering care”, Reid-Warner said.

“For our managers, it is now much easier to monitor staff activities when they are on shifts, and further time is being saved by eliminating the need to directly onsite to carry out quality assurance.”

Infinity has been developed by technology specialists and frontline medical practitioners to provide a quick and easy way to capture, access and share digital information in real-time about individuals, between care teams

This includes notes on residents’ external appointments to clinical tasks for every person, requests from family members, and preferences for religious and social activities.

“Kisharon’s leadership team wanted to release more time for supporting the people it looks after and improve visibility for the whole team across all the individuals it supports”, the Infinity spokesman said.

“To do this it had to transform the way staff communicate, collaborate and manage tasks.”

“It selected Infinity as an innovative new tool that could complement its existing approach and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its current task management and handover process.”

The pilot is scheduled to last several weeks after which the impact of Infinity will be assessed and used as the basis for decisions about broader deployment within the Kisharon family of services and locations.