A private start-up company is hoping to simplify the way people access health practitioners.

Isoshealth is a digital platform which links up dietitians, physiotherapists and psychologists from the private sector.

The UK-based company has created a service where clients can choose, book and talk to their own multidisciplinary team of health practitioners online.

Consumers can speak to their dedicated team through online consultations at a time and location that suits them.

This simplifies the process of having to find such services individually.

Founder and CEO, Kim Guest, told Digital Health News that the paid service is about ‘breaking down barriers of cost, time and geography’ for not just users but health practitioners as well.

Guest also said that the service, which should be fully launched in January, helps those who might be ‘overwhelmed’ by the industry by having trusted practitioners.

“Isoshealth is about bringing together quality professionals for the consumer who can create their very own health team in a safe and environment online,” Guest said.

Currently, practitioners are invited to enrol with Isoshealth which carries out checks to ensure their validity and that they feel comfortable with the technology.

“We want our practitioners to be completely happy in terms of usability as we want them to focus on giving guidance and advice to clients,” Guest said.

Since Isoshealth was founded in 2016, the company has gained traction and support, most notably from former marathon runner Paula Radcliffe MBE who sits on its advisory board.

Guest said that Radcliffe discovered Isoshealth through its network of supporters and said she brings “passion” and “life” to the project.

Other members of the advisory board include Danny Donachie, who is head of medicine and sports science at Aston Villa Football Club and Dr Bijal Chheda Varma, who has 14 years experience in psychology and is specialised in eating disorders and obesity as well as ADHD and Autism.

Looking towards the future, Guest said Isoshealth is ‘completely focussed on the UK’ and is hoping to successfully launch the company in 2018.

In a similar story, private healthcare providers were urged by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) in November to ensure their clinical data was up to date.

The warning was given as PHIN prepares to publish performance statistics for patients.