Dr Simon Eccles has tweeted his five key priorities for IT in the NHS.

The new NHS national CCIO, who was officially appointed on Tuesday, took to social media on Friday (16 February) to state that his main focus would be to let patients “view records and care plan”.

His other four priorities were:

  • ‘Recognise “going digital” is a core part of our business’
  • ‘Deliver the stuff we’ve said we’ll do’
  • ‘Deliver standards for interoperability’
  • ‘Support research and “business intelligence”’

One Twitter user questioned Dr Eccles’ first priority, saying, “Viewing your care plan is all very well.. having something at my fingertips that helps me live well with my condition is something else”.

In response, Dr Eccles said: “Aiming for a whole world of support apps sitting on top of record access (eg a hypertension app which knows your BP and kidney function) This app work is real and being done, but we must gets the basics done first.”

Another user addressed the so-called “elephant in the room” and said Dr Eccles should look into how “most clinical systems in clinical settings are unusable by clinicians”.

Dr Eccles responded: Yes yes yes! I’ve worked with some truly dreadful clinical software. Too few vendors, out of date interfaces and minimal interoperability.

“A vibrant software market, FHIR data standards, national strategic authentication, local single sign on all needed.”

Dr Eccles replaced professor Keith McNeil, who stood down in December.

Under the title, Dr Eccles will chair the NHS National Information Board, be a Board Member of NHS Digital, and work collaboratively with NHS Improvement, Public Health England, Care Quality Commission and NICE.