Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has deployed Emis Mobile across its community workforce.

The mobile working platform is now being used by around 500 multi-disciplinary staff from North Manchester Community Service, across 11 locations.

Emis Mobile allows staff to access patient data on the fly, update medical records in real-time and book patients in for appointments via a mobile device.

One hundred and twenty-five members of staff, including district nurses, specialist nurses, podiatrists, Macmillan nurses, IV therapy teams and physiotherapists are now using iPads for home visits.

All staff have read-write access to the same community patient record, meaning they can update patient information from a tablet and don’t have to return to the office afterwards to update files manually.

Additionally, patients can now be referred electronically, reducing the need for faxes or phone calls. If a patient decides to attend a different clinic within North Manchester, their records can be seen by all community teams.

District Nursing Sister Linda Bailey said: “We can go into a patient’s home and we can have real-time access to all the notes from everyone in the community team. It makes our service much more efficient and gives us much more patient-facing time, which is what we need.”

North Manchester Community Service now plans to use the data to run activity reports and improve their service further, in addition to helping them better monitor their key performance indicators and Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) targets.

Emis Web has recently been used by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to extract analytics that have been used to reduce waiting times for young people with mental health concerns.