A new telemedicine platform utilising blockchain technology will be trialled with patients in south-west London next month.

MyClinic, which allows users to attend video consultations with a GP and pay for them using cryptocurrency, will be piloted with patients registered at New Malden-based Groves Medical Centre from July, before launching to the general public later in 2018.

MyClinic is the first application to be launched by Medicalchain, which specialises in applying blockchain to electronic health records so that access can be securely tracked.

The new service connects patients with their doctor through a video consultation platform. Through this, clinicians are able to access the patient’s electronic health record stored via Medicalchain’s Health Passport system.

Health Passport stores a digital version of patients’ health records and provides access via mobile device or computer. The system incorporates blockchain technology so that all access requests are recorded accurately on a distributed ledger.

Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, co-founder and CEO of Medicalchain, said: “We are excited to share the first application, powered by Medicalchain. MyClinic.com will be piloted with patients registered at The Groves Medical Practice and The Groves’ General Practitioners, from July 2018, and will be launched to the general public later this year.”

When using MyClinic, patients will be able to select which clinician they wish to consult with and pay for consultations using ‘MedTokens’, a form of cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin.

Mo Tayeb, co-founder and COO, Medicalchain, added: “We are working together with patients, health professionals and technology specialists to ensure that MyClinic.com will seamlessly integrate into current healthcare services, and provide patients with a better experience of healthcare.”