A online GP service set up in Rwanda by Babylon has surpassed 2 million members.

Babyl was launched in the East African nation in September 2016 and allows patients to book doctor’s appointments, pick up prescriptions and access their medical records via an app.

Similar to the NHS’ GP at Hand service, Rwanda operates a Universal Health Coverage Scheme whereby Babyl services are offered free of charge at point-of-use to all Rwandans, in partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of Health.

Since it was launched, Babyl is now used by more than 2 million people, which counts for around 30% of the nation’s population.

Babylon’s founder and CEO, Dr Ali Parsa, said: “That so many people have welcomed Babyl, as we’re known locally in Rwanda, into their daily lives – trusting us to provide safe, accurate, personalised treatment advice and access to doctors – is as humbling as it is gratifying.

“From the grass-roots engagement by over 500 Babyl ambassadors living in rural villages and local communities to our valued partnerships with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and Social Security Board, the speed and enthusiasm with which Rwandans have embraced the benefits of digital healthcare is nothing short of remarkable.

Babylon has confirmed it is planning to launch its service in more countries, with Digital Health News reporting in April that the company had partnered with the Chinese internet company, Tencent, to help deliver personal health assessments and treatment advice across mainland China.