The health and social care secretary has launched a new digital platform which aims to give those working in health and care influence over national policy.

TalkHealthandCare – launched by Matt Hancock on 10 September – will allow England’s 3.1 million health and care staff to post ideas, questions and challenges for government.

The platform, which will be available on computers, phones and tablets, will continually be updated to reflect the views and ideas being submitted.

In particular TalkHealthandCare will seek staff views on the use of technologies that cut out paperwork, improving shift patterns and work/life balance, and training and development.

The platform will also include events, forums and webinars for staff across the country.

TalkHealthandCare was reportedly created in response to staff feedback which suggested that they too often do not feel valued at work.

It is said comments submitted via the platform will ‘feed into’ the development of the long term plan for the NHS and the social care green paper, which is expected sometime this autumn.

Secretary of state for health and social care Matt Hancock launched the platform during a speech to staff at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Hancock made it clear that he wanted to listen and hear from NHS staff about their working environments.

He added: “I want to keep talking, and keep listening. I want you to innovate, and I want the Department [of Health and Social Care] to innovate too.

“Part of that means trying new things, learning as we go, and improving where possible. That’s no different for this platform.

“Working in the NHS is not just a job – it’s a mission. I want to harness that passion.”

Hancock also mentioned in his speech that he was going to put “rocket boosters” under the NHS Leadership Academy – he said it was going to do “far, far more now than develop and deploy talent” – and confirmed the NHS Digital Academy “is going to grow”.

This latest speech from the health and social care secretary follows a keynote at the Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester during which he promised extra funding to create more global digital exemplars and issued a stern warning to health IT suppliers.