A new tool to help prevent type 2 diabetes as been added to the NHS Apps Library. 

The Low Carb Program will be delivered through a new partnership with Ascensia Diabetes Care and will be available on iOS, Android and online.

The customisable program tracks blood glucose levels, sleep, weight and has a food diary to help patients keep track of their health.

It will provide patients with tips on how to reduce their carbohydrates intake, meal and recipe ideas, and can be connected to fitness trackers.

It also connects users with other patients who have used the program to lose weight.

It’s hoped it will reduce levels of diabetes, prediabetes and obesity.

Ros Barker, country head for Ascensia Diabetes Care said: “We are delighted that Ascensia’s partnership with Diabetes Digital Media to deliver this life changing program will enable more people across the UK to sign-up for the Low Carb Program by encouraging GPs to make it available on the NHS.

“Our team will be visiting and providing support for GP surgeries across the country to implement the Low Carb Program.”

The NHS Apps Library has been designed to bring a number of digital tools together in one place, and is currently in a beta testing phase.

Each tool, according to NHS England, has been “through an assessment and is safe to use”.

In July 2018, NHS England fulfilled its aim to have 70 apps in the Apps Library by the NHS’s 70th birthday with the current total standing at 80.