Anglo-Irish clinical technology specialist IMS MAXIMS have partnered up with Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) to provide secure messaging solutions. 

IMIS MAXIMS, which is the sponsor of the Digital Health Rewired Leadership Summit, and the interoperable, cloud-based clinical data exchange technology provider have joined together to offer mobile, secure and cost-effective provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient communication solutions to NHS organisations, GP practices and patients.

Shane Tickell, CEO of IMS MAXIMS, said: “The current methods by which clinical, and sometimes urgent information is exchanged is appropriately under attack. Many of the methods currently in use involve unsecure messaging, antiquated faxing and expensive, limited function paging.

“Recognising the shortcomings of the current systems in use, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has called on NHS organisations to reach beyond NHSmail for secure communication solutions and signaled the end of archaic fax machines in hospitals and GP practices. Our partnership with Secure Exchange Solutions, a leader in this field, is a direct response to that challenge.”

The solution, called SES DIRECT, provides a variety of methods to connect to its interoperable and secure data exchange platform.

This includes connecting to SMTP and POP3 email clients (such as Microsoft’s Outlook or Apple’s iPhone eMail).

It also includes the use of the SES CONNECT Application Programming Interface (API) bundle that provides an accelerated path to seamless integration of secure data exchange functionality with any healthcare application.

Such applications include:

  • Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems
  • Patient portals
  • Clinical data repositories (CDRs)
  • Patient health applications
  • GP systems

Dan Kazzaz, founder and CEO of SES, added: “SES DIRECT is based on the DirectTrust framework which supports secure interoperable health information exchange at 140,000 organizations and nearly 2 million secure Direct endpoints.

“The flexibility and easy incorporation into existing applications and workflows allows for easy replacement of questionable email systems, fax machines and pagers. We are delighted to partner with IMS MAXIMS to bring these proven solutions to the NHS community.”

More information at SES DIRECT will be available at the IMS MAXIMS stand at the Digital Health Rewired Conference and Exhibition on 26 March.