Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has signed a five-year deal with software provider Civica that will see the trust introduce a cloud-based digital referral platform.

The Cito platform will digitise more than 120,000 patient referrals each year with the aim of making Moorfields’ referrals process more efficient than the current system, which requires each referral to be printed and scanned.

Civica’s system fully integrates with Moorfield’s existing system, which removes the need for local printing and scanning referrals as documents are automatically captured and allocated into Cito’s Patient Repository and Workflow engine, for electronic triage by the relevant clinician.

The platform removes the processing overhead of printing and scanning referrals from e-RS, and brings improvements into the overall referral triage workflow process.

Its use will also offer Moorfields better data insight and audit of referrals, including referral numbers, date received and speciality. This information will give the trust a better understanding of referral habits, helping it to forecast referrals behaviours and plan for the future.

Steve Brain, executive director for health and care at Civica, said: “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital as it moves to our Cito platform.

“Cito will maximise productivity for the Trust, increase visibility from a single platform to aid better care planning and ultimately enhance the patient experience.”

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