London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust is to roll out a clinical electronic document management solution from IMMJ Systems which will help support virtual clinics.

IMMJ Systems are working in partnership with the trust and digitising paper-based clinical records, making them digitally available to all healthcare providers via its MediViewer solution.

Once deployed, MediViewer will help support the trust’s virtual outpatient clinics by minimising the potential for Covid-19 cross infection between patients, consultants, nurses and any other exposed hospital workers.

The solution incorporates a scan on demand service of all patient records ahead of each outpatient clinic, providing the consultant with remote access to key patient records that are currently held in paper format in the hospital’s medical records libraries and across the hospital site.

Neighbouring Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, deployed IMMJ Systems’ electronic document management system (EDMS) across its emergency department in September 2019.

Sonia Patel, CIO at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and The Hillingdon Hospital, and newly appointed CIO for NHSX, said: “Faced with the Covid-19 crisis and the urgent need to move to virtual outpatient services, we were under pressure to find a solution that would support our consultants with relevant patient information required to deliver effective virtual clinics.

“Having already been exposed to IMMJ Systems’ MediViewer solution at The Hillingdon Hospital we knew this was the solution for us. This has been a successful partnership between the trust and tech to deliver critical digital information, during a very challenging time.”

MediViewer’s cloud-based solution provides the platform for London North West University Healthcare with access to patient records anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Tens of thousands of patient medical records will be scanned and stored in IMMJ Systems’ MediViewer platform which reduces the need for patients to attend the hospital for appointments and also enables clinicians to work remotely.

Furthermore, the solution will also ensure that medical records will no longer need to be moved around the hospital where they are physically handled many times before, during and after each patient appointment.

Max Smith, chief revenue officer and co-founder at IMMJ Systems, added: “Covid-19 has driven us to innovate our approach to our MediViewer deployment methodology.

“Faced with the challenge of providing a fully functional MediViewer solution within a 6-week period inspired the IMMJ team to think outside of the box by streamlining the delivery process to focus purely on providing digitised patient records to virtual outpatient clinics.

“We are now working seamlessly with the Trust to configure the solution in line with their requirements followed by the ingestion of the digitised records into the MediViewer.”