The health and care system in Surrey has gone live with a shared record which will help to deliver a more co-ordinated service.

The Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership is now sharing GP, acute and adult social care information across the Integrated Care System.

It has also rolled out specific new functions in the shared record, which is powered by Graphnet, designed to record and alert care professionals about an individual’s coronavirus status.

This latest go live with Surrey Heartlands follows Thames Valley and Surrey Local Health and Care Record partnering up with Graphnet in 2019 to develop a region-wide shared record platform and population health system in a deal worth £12.5 million over seven years.

Katherine Church, chief digital officer for Surrey Heartlands, said: “I am delighted that our frontline clinicians and care professionals can now see near real-time information about their patients at the point of care. This brings huge safety and efficiency benefits, which are all the more valuable as they cope with the impact of Covid-19.

“We are now moving ahead rapidly to make the record more extensive.”

Brian Waters, chief executive of Graphnet, said the company had enjoyed working with Surrey.

He added: “Our respective teams have worked really well together and we are delighted that the shared record is successfully deployed and the ICS is starting to reap the benefits.”

The latest go-live means Graphnet now holds records for a landmark 20 million people across England. This includes care communities such as Greater Manchester, Frimley, Buckinghamshire, St Helens, Northamptonshire and Cheshire.