NHS Greater Manchester launches digital care plan and app

NHS Greater Manchester launches digital care plan and app
  • NHS Greater Manchester to go live with digital care plans and patient-facing app
  • Digital care plans will be added to GM Care Record, initially for patients with dementia and heart failure
  • The My GM Care app will allow patients to access key information in the GM Care Record

NHS Greater Manchester has announced plans to go live with digital care plans and a patient-facing app, with the aim of providing more personalised care for patients.

The launch will build upon the GM Care Record system, which provides health and social care professionals with health information including medications, allergies, test results, and care plans, for the region’s 2.8 million people.

Digital care plans, initially focusing on dementia and heart failure, will be accessible through the shared care record, allowing clinical teams from various sectors to view a patient’s agreed care plan and preferences.

They will replace paper-based plans with standardised digital versions accessible across care settings via the GM Care Record.

Meanwhile the My GM Care App will provide patients with access to key information within the GM Care Record, including the new care plans.

The app planned allow patients to actively participate in their care by contributing to care plans, monitoring vitals such as blood pressure and weight, and sharing personal information with healthcare professionals.

Dr Amir Hannan, a GP at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres, said: “My GM Care could be the next game changer for the residents of Greater Manchester allowing people to take further control of their healthcare by allowing them to monitor their health and wellbeing, being better prepared for any future event as well as in an emergency, and helping to plan future care  alongside the NHS App or equivalent GP app.”

The new developments are the result of a collaboration between NHS Greater Manchester, Health Innovation Manchester, and tech supplier Graphnet.

Dementia United and the Pumping Marvellous Foundation were also involved with the work on the digital care plans.

Dr Saif Ahmed, clinical digital lead at Health Innovation Manchester, said that the plans were “a great step in ensuring reduced variability of care across Greater Manchester.”

“The upload of digital dementia wellbeing care plans and heart failure care plans in the pilot phase demonstrates the demand for digital solutions to facilitate seamless care plan sharing and ensure equitable care provision for all,” he added.

The digital care plans and My GM Care app are reaching the end of their pilot ‘proof of value’ phases in three localities in Greater Manchester, with a wider rollout planned by the end of 2024.

Andrew Palmer, programme lead, GM Care Record at Health Innovation Manchester, is one of the finalists of the 2024 Digital Health Networks Awards, which will take place at Summer Schools at Durham university on 18-19 July 2024.

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