Our next Digital Health Networks 60 second profile volunteer is Philippa Fox who used to work as a nurse. Find out what advice Philippa has for IT leaders and who she would like to play her in a film. 

Could you explain what your role entails?

I come from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, born and bred as they say in them there parts. Newcastle Upon Tyne was my next home for 14 years where I did my nursing training and various post grad courses, finally ending up in paediatric anaesthetics at the RVI.

I am currently involved in a project at Barnett , both acute and community side looking at the whole care pathway for people.

What parts of digital health interest you the most?

Many parts of Digital health interest me, but at the top of the list is the wearable medical devices and how each software company can benefit from adding the data into their system. Lots of community care pathways are now linking up to acute pathways and thankfully clinicians are looking to join this all up.

Long term views of conditions such as COPD can be cared for at home or escalated to a respiratory hub or virtual ward, preventing visits to the hospital. The community team can observe the patient vitals accordingly, prescribe antibiotics or oxygen.

If you could have any other job, what would it be?

Crikey – I am a mother, a wife, a cook , a fur baby walker for three , a designer, a gardener, lover of wine, lover of travel, lover of Portugal, oh and an agony aunt, motivator and taxi driver but I think artist would be my pick, I never seem to have time for being creative other than thinking out the box for life and work.

If you have one piece of advice for other NHS IT leaders, would it be?

Always work back to the data from the person it is coming from and make it so a 12 year old would get it.

What’s your favourite piece of technology at home and why?

Blue tooth speaker – portable and has lots of options to choose to fit the mood.

Who would you like to play you in a film?

Victoria Wood or Dawn French

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