Genetic test results for urgent cancer patients can now be accessed digitally across Wales.

A recent update to the Welsh Clinical Portal (WCP) allows doctors to quickly access the genetic test results of cancer patients, enabling them to make more informed decisions about care.

The data means clinicians are able to identify whether genetic changes in patients could impact their treatment, allowing for the development of more personalised treatment plans.

Dr Samantha Cox, consultant clinical oncologist, said: “The use of genetic testing in oncology is rapidly increasing and offers an exciting opportunity to tailor treatment for patients who are found to have certain changes in the genetic make-up of cells in their blood or tumour.

“However, in order to identify suitable patients and to ensure cancer treatments are given safely and in a timely manner, it is vital that the full original and unabridged report can be easily accessed by all members of the multidisciplinary team, regardless of which health board or speciality requested the test.

“The uploading of AWMGS [All Wales Medical Genomics Service] cancer genomics reports onto WCP is a fantastic service development which is already benefiting patient care, especially given the recent move to virtual medicine and remote working during Covid-19.

“Results are now safely documented and stored in a central, electronic location and, as reports are easily searched for, clinical time is saved which means we can focus on planning and delivering patient care rather than chasing results.”

The WCP, which recently became available as a mobile app, is used by more than 27,000 NHS Wales staff.

It shares and displays digital patient information from a number of sources across Wales with a single sign-on, bringing together information from multiple organisations into one place.

Last year all radiology reports became available through the WCP after Cardiff and Vale became the last health board to adopt the radiology service.

The go live ensured clinicians in all Welsh hospitals can now view both radiology and pathology test results from across Wales all in one place.