Visionable has partnered with SameYou, Emilia Clarke’s charity that helps to increase and improve neurorehabilitation provision for brain injury survivors, to deliver a global digital recovery platform that supports rehabilitation and enables better access for all.

Quality rehabilitation and recovery for those with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can make a huge difference to the quality of life, yet there is currently a huge gap in support when a survivor leaves the hospital.

With SameYou’s global network of specialists and survivors, and Visionable’s expertise from working within the NHS combined with its transformative technology, survivors of brain injuries will be provided with neurorecovery care that rebalances the current inequality in post-hospital care.

Working with survivors to increase access

Central to SameYou’s work so far has been the voice of the survivor and this will continue in their work with Visionable to provide a Global Recovery Platform.

Jenny Clarke, SameYou Co-founder and CEO says of the partnership, “I’m so excited to be joining forces with Visionable to elevate the voices of survivors and provide a platform that is co-created with the community. Life after a brain injury is incredibly tough, and there needs to be more support for rehabilitation and recovery. The solution we have will connect survivors to content, expertise, and other survivors on a global scale, ensuring no one feels alone in their life post-brain injury.”

“We’re overjoyed to be starting our journey with SameYou to increase access to a recovery pathway for brain injury survivors. Through our partnership, we intend to broaden Visionable’s work in brain injury by collaborating with the world’s leading healthcare organisations,” adds Lord Victor Adebowale, Chair & Co-founder of Visionable.

A shared mission

With a shared vision to ensure brain injury survivors are supported no matter where they are in the world, SameYou and Visionable will help shape the future of brain injury care and support.

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