A new clinical group consultation function has been launched on the Induction Attend Anywhere platform.

The UK-wide launch will allow healthcare professionals to facilitate remote consultations safely and securely, as well as giving patients a degree of continuity.

As a result of Covid-19, essential services were paused and technology was used to enable consultations despite the global pandemic. But clinicians were having to rely on non-clinical business conferencing facilities to carry these out, which has both suitability and privacy limitations.

The new function within the Induction Attend Anywhere platform will help to tackle the backlog of patients needing access to group therapy, for example patients requiring addiction and mention health therapy, and support community-based healthcare.

Purpose-built for healthcare, the expansion of the Induction Attend Anywhere service has been designed to closely mirror standard clinical and patient workflow for optimum integration. In order to safeguard clinician and patient confidentiality, it features a single-entry link for each clinical group consultation Waiting Area, which avoids production of multi-patient links.

Confidentiality is a priority, with in-call features that mean only service providers can see callers’ names. Service providers also have full control to admit, deny or remove individual users as necessary.

James Balmain, CEO of Induction Healthcare, said: “We are delighted to share the expansion of our Induction Attend Anywhere platform, which enables the NHS to integrate remote clinical group consultations within a secure and private setting.

“This bespoke function will support the NHS to scale-up crucial services like counselling to some of the hardest to reach patients. It will help address the current backlog while transforming healthcare for the longer-term.”

Induction acquired the Attend Anywhere video consulting solution in July of this year, adding the functionality to its virtual care platform. This provided another important tool that supports the NHS’ Long Term Plan and vision for community-based healthcare. Attend Anywhere is already used by 300,000 clinicians across the UK.