Password management and authentication solution vendor, Specops, has been confirmed as the new sponsor of Digital Health’s Cyber Security hub.

Cyber security is an ever-present issue and is critical to the delivery of safe care across healthcare organisations. As health services digitise, they become ever more reliant on securing networks, software and data from internal and external threats.

Founded in 2001, Specops specialises in password management and authentication solutions and has been helping NHS trusts identify password vulnerabilities, strengthen password policies and reduce burden on the helpdesk with self-service password reset solutions. Specops also help NHS trusts meet requirements for the Data Security and Protection Toolkit, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.

One trust who used Specops’ Password Policy solution was Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. The trust was unable to achieve its Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation due to weak passwords which needed to be banned. With Specops Password Policy the Trust was able to achieve their goal of blocking weak passwords while enjoying the added benefit of multiple policies and clear end-user feedback.

All this makes Specops a great fit as the sponsor of Digital Health’s Cyber Security hub, which covers a range of topics such as cyber-attacks to information governance.

John Ward, marketing manager at Specops, said: “Specops have been working closely with the NHS and healthcare market now for over 10 years, offering our free password vulnerability audits and password security and authentication solutions to strengthen trusts against ever increasing cyber attacks.

“Working with Digital health before, they really stood out to us as a leader in this sector and are a great fit for us to highlight our message to a wider audience.”