Our next profile of our 2022 Rewired Pitchfest finalists is focused on Healthtech 1 – a start-up which aims to automate as many primary care administration tasks as possible. Co-founder and head of growth, Raj Kohli, answers some key questions on Healthtech 1’s journey and advice for other digital health startups. 

What does Healthtech 1 do?

We automate admin tasks in primary care, starting with the nation’s 2.5million patient registrations. We’re live in 10 practices, and in March automated 862 registrations, liberating 215 hours of staff time! We’ll be accepting another 40 practices in May.

What gave you the idea for Healthtech 1?

Working every day in practice we’ve learnt that GP practices don’t need another tool, with another set of logins to forget the password for, they just need one less task. We’re one of the few companies that actually do the work.

Our first product, Sanny is named after Sanny Rahman, a member of the admin team at First 4 Health Group. He used to man reception, respectful and suave, he’s well loved by patients and staff alike, but as his MS became more severe, Sanny preferred to be out of the mayhem of the reception. Instead he leads the practice groups admin work, and boy did he apply himself. He memorised every key on the clinical system to register a patient – he could do it blindfolded! His speed, diligence and character inspired us and now all our products will now be named after the admin staff that taught us how.

How will Healthtech 1 change the way the NHS works?

We give GP practices tools to compete with online services like Babylon and Livi. By automating the unyielding admin work, staff are able to focus on providing compassionate care. Our dream is that GP practices become a blend between community centres and technology hubs, where smart automations do the mundane and repetitive tasks, and staff provide the care. Smart automations will move us from reactive healthcare to proactive healthcare.

What gap in the market does Healthtech 1 address?

Primary care is barren of world-class technology. Visit any GP practice, it’s unbelievable. We feel outraged that practice staff have to deal with software that just doesn’t work. We’re talking about freezes, crashes, and user interfaces straight out of the 90s.

Instead the best technology talent are focusing on 15-minute delivery apps.

Healthtech 1 will become a beacon for talented people to have the largest impact possible. Health is the sector for that.

How have you got to where you are now?

Pete’s built products that millions of customers love at Monzo while at Accenture, Raj has delivered intelligent automation at scale on top of legacy global banking systems. A little like the clinical systems we use every day, we’ve been friends for 17 years, and this is actually our second business together!

Previously we built a Growth Agency, BUT during the pandemic Pete and I watched my parents, who both work in primary care, really struggle. Like many of your readers, they were burning the candle at both ends. So we decided to jump in and help.

After spending nine months supporting them every day in practice we found the space we want to dedicate our prime years to.

We can build a growth agency any time, we need to release pressure on our staff now.

Why did you decide to enter the health tech start-up space?

Watching mum and dad really struggle, had us dip our toes in. Seeing how quickly we could have a large impact had us stay longer. Realising that there was no better place to improve this country had us build a startup in the space.

Have you faced many barriers in getting Healthtech 1 off the ground?

We’re privileged to be building off the hard work of mum, dad and the whole of First 4 Health Group. We’ve had a relatively easy ride. Because of that, we have to go so much further.

Why did you decide to enter Pitchfest?

Our team member was researching health-tech accelerators and suggested we apply. Later our Navigator from DigitalHealth.London, Bret Hatfield, recommended we apply too!

How did you find the experience?

We loved it! A real opportunity to speak to an engaged audience who care about health in this country. Neil Hadland, was an incredible host – he made us feel valued!

Looking to the future, what do you hope Healthtech 1 will achieve and what’s the next step in achieving that goal?

We care about one metric at Healthtech 1 –  monthly liberated hours. How many hours do we give back to practice staff. We want to be liberating 15,000 hours a month by the end of 2022!

What advice do you have for others looking to enter the health tech start up scene?

We’re too young to be extolling virtues. Prioritise an opportunity to work on the inside. Don’t just shadow, do the work. Look for a problem where the solution you can provide is 10x better. Prioritise your alignment with your co-founder and NHS teams.