Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with TPP’s SystmOne Maternity, enabling the trust to digitise their entire maternity pathway. 

The system is being used by all midwives in the region, including those at the hospital and in the community and will benefit more than 2,500 women every year, with their maternity care now focussed on a complete, integrated digital care record.

Following the go-live, midwives now have instant access to all of the maternity data they need. For example, midwives working in postnatal care can easily view all antenatal care and delivery details.

SystmOne Maternity allows all medical and nursing notes to be captured in a single record, providing staff with the information required to make the best clinical decisions and enhance safety for mothers and babies.

Advanced functionality in the system is also supporting staff with the management of more complex pregnancies, through enhanced clinical decision support, alerts, and a complete maternity timeline.

Tracy Moss, head of strategic systems’ software development at the trust, said: “We are excited to be working with TPP to introduce a new maternity IT system here at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

“The new system is expected to bring a wealth of clinical as well as efficiency benefits for our maternity teams and the wider organisation. The families we care for will also benefit from the system, as the new associated Airmid patient app will allow them to view their records, access information and be more involved in their care.

“Moving forward, we would like to continue to work with TPP to deploy other SystmOne products, both within our maternity unit and across our wider Torbay and South Devon organisation.”

The go-live has also included providing TPP’s smartphone application, Airmid, to all women under the maternity service. Airmid allows women to access their maternity records, manage their upcoming appointments, complete questionnaires at home, and receive personalised advice and education material.

The application supports better engagement and seamless communication between women and their maternity care team.

Charlotte Knowles, managing director at TPP, said: “Maternity services will always hold a particular place in my heart. Having had three babies, I know, from personal experience, what a superb job they do.

“We are delighted that the trust are already seeing significant benefits for staff and patients from TPP Maternity. The dedication of the staff here has been truly inspiring. We are looking forward to working together to continue to make better use of technology to improve the experience and outcomes for pregnant women and their families.”

SystmOne Maternity is not the only system TPP have provided in recent months, after two mental health wards run by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) went live with an electronic prescribing and medicines administration (EPMA) system in September last year.

CNWL also went live at the beginning of this year with TPP’s Brigid app, the mobile counterpart to SystmOne.