Belfast-based age tech company Kraydel has unveiled the first TV-based wellbeing platform to support the remote care of older adults.

Kraydel has adapted its Konnect device to include new wellbeing sensors and at-home monitoring to deliver peace of mind to the families and carers of elderly users.

The technology consists of a TV-mounted hub with a smart camera. Older adults in their own homes can be monitored thanks to a radar used to sense physical activity.

The solution uses the TV that is already in place and it is easy to control using the provided five-button remote control.

Amer Fasihi, CEO of Kraydel, said: “This latest development is part of the wellbeing and support offering for independent living that Kraydel is continuously building. We are delighted to continue our work in offering reassurance to families and carers.

“Knowing that a loved one is being supported, and can stay connected through one device removes the guilt some families feel when they don’t have the time or resources to visit daily.

“The device allows users to grow old gracefully, remaining independent but with peace of mind that help is on hand and a friendly face is available whenever it is needed.”

The Kraydel device update has added HomeSights’ EM200 sensor to the technology. This small battery-powered sensor is able to monitor a range of wellbeing parameters, from whichever room it is placed in.

The data is collected and carers and families are able to review it through the Konnect dashboard.

The sensor allows Konnect to monitor movement around the house. It can also detect a user’s regular wake-up time, and their daily habits and patterns.

A room temperature ensures that elderly people are comfortable and are using their heating and cooling systems as appropriate.

It is also able to detect whether curtains have been drawn and lights are switched on thanks to its light level detection capabilities. Finally, humidity alerts are enabled to guard against potential risks related to asthma and other breathing conditions.

The Konnect technology was used in a small trial at Salford Care Organisation, which saw respiratory care patients connected with their clinicians.