North Tees NHS Foundation Trust has implemented Health Call’s Heart Failure@Home solution, allowing patients with heart failure in the region to manage their condition at home using remote monitoring technology.

The digital solution supports patients to self-monitor and submit readings on their condition at home. As a result, patients are being provided with improved care and access including early intervention, extra reassurance to patients and limiting unnecessary face-to-face appointments and home visits.

Claire Graham, head of customer success at Health Call, said: “We are thrilled to see Heart Failure@Home spreading to North Tees NHS Foundation Trust.

“Sharing innovation so other trusts can benefit from life-changing technology is why Health Call was founded and why we continue to work with NHS clinicians to develop new solutions.”

The solution is currently being used by Community Heart Failure at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. It is being used to identify early signs of worsening heart failure.

If submitted readings are outside of the normal range the Community Heart Failure team is alerted so they can quickly intervene to prevent further deterioration and potentially reduce avoidable hospital admissions.

North Tees is now adopting the technology and will be issuing eligible patients with the kit needed to monitor their blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, heart rate and weight. The solution is expected to go live in the coming weeks.

Trudy Hunt, heart failure specialist lead nurse at North Tees NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The introduction of this technology is a fantastic new tool that we can use to both support and monitor people safely in their own homes.

“The platform will help our community Heart Failure nurses to prioritise and respond to the patients with the most urgent needs.”

Remote monitoring for patients with heart failure is becoming a vital tool for many trusts. Last August NHS England launched a new initiative for professionals to encourage more trusts to support heart failure patients with the tools and expertise they need to remotely monitor their condition at home.