A new integration between care management platform, Log my Care, and PainChek is providing pain assessment for individuals who may not be able to verbally communicate their pain. 

The partnership enables providers to use the Log my Care app to access PainChek’s AI technology for consistent and objective assessment of pain levels. As a result caregivers will be able to devote more time to caring for their residents and improve decision-making at the point of care delivery.

PainChek is the world’s first regulatory-cleared medical device for pain assessment. The app provides a uniform approach to assessing pain, giving both reliability and continuity to pain management.

Its artificially intelligent (AI) technology helps to accurately identify pain, by using a smartphone camera. The application analyses images using AI-driven facial recognition, automatically spotting and recording tiny facial muscle movements that indicate pain.

Tandeep Gill, head of business development at PainChek, said: “(This integration) means that care providers can save time and remove any manual handling of pain assessment data when updating a resident’s care plan.

“This gives valuable time back to caregivers to spend with their residents and enables better-informed decision-making around the treatment of pain.”

The Log my Care platform is intuitive, easy to use and helps save both time and money in its delivery of person-centred care.

Sam Hussain, CEO of Log my Care, said: “This integration will give care providers a powerful tool to accurately assess pain, enabling them to deliver even better person-centred care.”

In June 2021, PainChek unveiled PainCheck Universal. This upgraded version allows for it to be used with care home residents who are able to self-report their pain, as it features the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS).